July 15 – 2 m Net followed by FRC Meeting


7:30 pm – Roundtable net on K6QEH repeater. 146.970 MHz -offset PL:136.5 Hz

8:00 pm – Club meeting on Zoom. Check your email for Zoom info.

Join us this Wednesday for a 2m net followed by our monthly meeting. This month’s presentation will be by Joe Moell, K0OV who will talk to us about an unusual underground power project.

Joe says, “Have you noticed the newer, taller power towers that go through the Puente Hills, then east across the 57 freeway and into Chino Hills? Why were they put in? Where does the power come from and where does it go? Why would Edison put parts of a 500-kilovolt power line underground, and how did they do that safely? I decided to try to find out, so I did some “digging” of my own. I didn’t become a power distribution expert, but during the July FRC online meeting, I’ll show you some things I discovered. If there’s time, I’ll tell you how to find out how reliable your home electrical service is, and how it is distributed from the six substations in Fullerton. If you don’t live in Fullerton, I’ll show how to find out about your city’s electrical distribution and reliability.”

July 8 – 2 meter Net followed by TAG

Hi all,

We will have a net Wednesday at 7:30 on our regular repeater followed by TAG at 8 on Zoom.

Repeater: K6QEH – 146.970 MHz-  PL 136.5 Hz

Net control will be Joe – K0OV. All hams welcome. Stop by and say hello.

Followed by an online meeting of our Technical Activity Group (TAG) on Zoom at 8. You can tell us about a project you are working on, chat with the group, or just listen. Same meeting number as usual.

I have a CW class on Zoom that ends at 8, so the FRC Zoom session will not open up until just after 8.



July 1 – Net tonight

Hi all,

We will have a net tonight at 7:30 our regular repeater. Net control will be Joe – K0OV.

Followed by a meet-up on Zoom at 8. Same meeting number as usual.

I have a CW class on Zoom that ends at 8, so the FRC Zoom session will not open up until just after 8.



June 17 Meeting Program

As we have done for the past few FRC meetings, we will meet online using Zoom. A reminder with the Zoom information and time will be sent by email to our groups.io mailing list.

Our speaker this month will be our club vice-president, Bob Houghton AD6QF. Although thirty years ago, Bob passed the 5 wpm code test to earn his Novice license, he admits that he has never used CW for a QSO. Bob would like to become a proficient CW operator. He has recently joined the Long Island CW Club. The purpose of the club is to help people learn morse code by providing classes and mentoring. Bob will tell a little about the club and reflect on his experience during his first two weeks of membership.

Bob will also discuss some of the new initiatives that ARRL is rolling out in order to encourage new hams to become active members of the amateur radio community as well as trying to give some insight into where younger hams are going to get their information. Hint: For the most part it isn’t traditional clubs…

Club Logo Final

May 19 Meeting Program

Title: The Science Involved with Whiskey Making

Subtitle: The Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour where chemistry lessons are inserted along the way.

The Muckenthaler [Fullerton’s cultural center] sponsored a tour of Nashville Tennessee which included a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery. Several months later there was a reunion for which Walter put together a talk which was inspired by his brother to be technical. Walter’s brother is a retired chemical engineer and noticed three of the 6 most important chemical reactions in history are involved with whiskey making. There’s over a hundred slides but they go by quickly. It has a few chemical looking diagrams, but mostly people and places.



Wednesday night net / Zoom meetup

It’s not our regular meeting night, but we are at home so…

Fullerton Radio Club will hold our Wednesday Night Net tonight (5/6) at 7:30 pm.

K6QEH Raytheon Repeater Fullerton

146.970- MHz PL 136.5 Hz

Bob will serve as net control and will try to have a few trivia questions.

After the net, we will meetup on Zoom. (Check your email for details).

Zoom theme … bring a piece of test equipment to show us and talk about.

Below are some folks who seem to be asking about ham radio…

2 meters

Wednesday night net

Fullerton Radio Club held our second 2 meter 3/25 at 7:30 pm.

K6QEH Repeater Fullerton

146.970- MHz PL 136.5 Hz

Casual roundtable format.

Join us next week and we’ll do it again.

March 18th – Join us for the first FRC net in a long time!

In light of the recent recommendations regarding social distancing, the March 18 program at the Chapman Activity Center has been cancelled. But social distancing does not mean we can’t socialize.

Instead of meeting at the Chapman Activity Center, let’s meet on the air instead.

Date and time: Wednesday, March 18. Time: 7 pm. (Regular club meeting time).

Repeater: K6QEH (Raytheon, Fullerton)
Frequency: 146.970- MHz PL: 136.5 Hz

Bob Houghton, AD6QF will serve as net control. We will follow a roundtable format.

Tentative discussion topics are how club members are dealing with the social distancing changes, finding out what bands and modes people have access to, and considering the best way(s) for us to continue to socialize as a club in light of the current conditions.

All hams are welcome.

February 19th Meeting Program

Dave Gorin KB6BXD will talk to us about OCHEART (Orange County Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Team). OCHEART is the newly-formed ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) group that will be supporting hospitals in Orange County. More details coming…

January 15 Meeting Program

Carl Gardenias WU6D, our ARRL Orange Section Manager will be our January speaker. Carl’s presentation will be on the subject of building club membership.


  • Carl has been in Amateur Radio since 1969, but at age 10 started with crystal radios and shortwave listening
  • Carl is our ARRL Orange Section Manager since 2003
  • Special appointment by the Ad Hoc Planning Committee of the ARRL in 2002
  • Base MARS Director during service to his country, Air Force
  • Amateur Radio Instructor, VE both ARRL & W5YI
  • Past Scout Master, Arrowhead Council Scoutmaster training coordinator, & Indian guides/princesses YMCA nation chief
  • Chair of the International DX Convention 10 years.
  • Past president and current director of the So. Calif. DX Club
  • Carl lives in Perris with his wife Cathy K6VC where they share a hamshack and a variety of antennas that they have built and tested with friends. Their latest project has been a 160m two vertically phased antennas.



November 20 Meeting

Jackie staring at the cameraTom Gaccione (not pictured) will be our speaker this month. He will be talking about the recently installed Wildfire alerting system, how it works, and how we will use it to guide fire response and simulate/ plan for future firefighting. He’ll then diverge slightly and talk about wildlife in the Big Bear area and, as it’s all tied together, an update on some renewable energy systems. Shadow and Jackie 2020 just after eggs laid 1Update 1/14/20: Since Tom’s presentation, Jackie and Shadow got hitched and Jackie has laid two eggs. Tom claims they will hatch Valentine’s Day. He must be a hopeless romantic.