Ham Jam 2018

Despite the 100° heat, there was a good turnout on July 7th at HRO in Anaheim for their 7th annual Ham Jam. Crowds shown in the store were waiting for raffle results. Hams love free stuff! If you recognize anyone here, leave a comment.



Field Day 2018

Although FRC did not have our own Field Day operation this year, several of our members did operate Field Day with other groups.


Joe Moell, K0OV (above) and Tom Gaccione, WB2LRH (below) teamed up as the ace Satellite Operations Team at the HDSCS Field Day Operation at Huntington Beach Hospital. Joe ran the radios while Tom had the physically challenging job of manipulating the antennas (and thus the need to carbo-load between satellite passes.)


Only 1.1 miles back to the trailhead


Many of today’s handheld radios feature a built-in GPS and other navigation aides. When you are out hiking, not only can you stay in voice contact, you can mark a waypoint at your starting location and use the built-in GPS to navigate back to your starting point. In the case of this image, I had marked the location of my truck in the parking area at Desolation Canyon in Death Valley National Park.


Thar be pirates in our midst!


If you were into radio in the 1960s, 70s, or 80s, you probably remember medium-wave pirate broadcaster Radio Caroline. It was pressure from Radio Caroline and other unlicensed broadcasters operating from ships off the coast of Great Britain that eventually pushed the British government to allow the licensing of commercial broadcasters, eliminating the monopoly previously held by the BBC. This is a reconstruction of Radio Caroline’s shipboard studio with original equipment. I discovered this display at the Cotswold Motoring Museum in Bourton-on-the-Water in England while visiting in 2016.