Zoom Meeting – 7 pm Wednesday 4/19/23

Greetings FRC members and friends,

Our next Fullerton Radio Club Zoom weekly meeting will be held Wednesday, April 19 at 7 pm.

As always, please bring something related to amateur radio, science or technology that you would like to share or talk about.

I’d like to start the meeting by providing some time for those who have indicated interest in Field Day to begin to coordinate their plans. I think, so far, Dick Palmer WB6JDH, Bill Phinizy K6WHP, Tom Smith KB6A, Bart Pulverman WB6WUW have expressed interest. We can make a Field Day update a part of our weekly Zoom meetings, or the coordination can be done offline.

Also, let’s get started on planning for Antennas in the Park

• Field Day – coordination and preliminary planning

• Antennnas in the Park – coordination and preliminary planning

Upcoming events:

• May 1 to May 31 – SPRINGWIRE 2 m / 6 m / 10 m SSB event. https://hamactive.com/Springwire/index.php

• May 11 – Fullerton Police Department tour is being organized by Walter Clark

• May 13 – Antennas in the Park – Hillcrest Park

• June 24-25 – Field Day – Hillcrest Park

• How best to organize our weekly Zoom meetings? Suggestion.

• Ham Radio

• Not ham radio, but RF / electronics related

• Not RF / electronics related but techincal

• Who will be “MC” (Net Control?) our Zoom Meetings during the summer?

Zoom link is the same as usual.

I look forward to seeing you.


Bob – AD6QF

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