Zoom Meeting – 7 pm Wednesday 5/24/23

Our next Fullerton Radio Club Zoom weekly meeting will be held Wednesday, May 24 at 7 pm.

As always, please bring something related to amateur radio, science or technology that you would like to share or talk about.

Upcoming events:
• Return of in-person, 3D, live TAG meetings Wednesday June 14 at 7 pm in Walter’s backyard (the 2nd Wednesday of each month. At least through the summer.)
• June 24-25 – Field Day – Hillcrest Park

Topic for discussion…
• Last week two people expressed an interest in returning to in-person meetings. Let’s explore that topic.
• Evaluate the desire to return to in-person meetings.
• If yes, let’s explore the options rather than assuming it would have to be sitting in chairs listening to a speaker (although that’s an option).
• What might an in-person meeting/activity look like?
• Daytime or evening?
• Weekday or weekend?
• How often? Monthly? Quarterly?
• Indoor (sit and listen)? vs. outdoor (some sort of activity i.e.set up radios and operate, some sort of workshop)? Something else?
• What venue? Where? Free vs fee-based? Same venue every time or change locations?
• Let’s recognize that our best attended activity is Antennas in the Park. Could we plan a quarterly activity that is modeled on some aspect of AITP?
• Winter Field Day
• A less-competitive (untimed?) ARDF. (Foxhunting for Fogies?)
• Meet-and-greet then eat (morning activity of some sort culminating with lunch at a local restaurant.
• Your ideas are needed.

If you haven’t joined us for a Zoom in a while, this Wednesday might be a good time to attend.

I look forward to seeing you.


Bob – AD6QF

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