10/20/21 – 2 meter net and meeting

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday 10/20, at 7:30 pm on the K6QEH repeater for our 2 meter net. (146.97- with a PL of 136.5 Hz) followed by our October general meeting at 8 pm on Zoom. 
The meeting will be a little bit more formal that usual, as we have some club business to discuss.
Secretary position: After serving the club faithfully for ten years, Linda Endsley has asked to step down as FRC Secretary. We need someone who would like to run for this position. The responsibilities involve taking notes at our monthly Board meetings and submitting them to Paul for publication in Smoke Signals. The Board meets at 5:30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month, usually at the Sizzler in Fullerton. This would be a nice opportunity for one of our newer members to join the Board of Directors. There is no additional time commitment other than what I have just described.

Board election coming up: Your club officers serve at your discretion, and are elected for one-year terms each November. If you are interested in running for a position or nominating a (willing) club member, you may do so between now and mid-November. We will hold an election during the week of  November 17.

The future of club meetings: As it looks like in-person activities are becoming more practical, I’d like us to start thinking about what you would like club activities and meetings to look like going forward. Should we return to a monthly evening meeting at Chapman Park Activity Center? Do we keep a presence on Zoom? Would it be better to have our monthly meetings on Saturday mornings, perhaps at a park? I think a Saturday morning meeting would allow a wider range of activities. If there is a Saturday morning where the Chapman Park Activity Center is available (unknown), would we prefer that to meeting at night, as we have in the past? I need to hear your opinion about how best to proceed. Please join us on Zoom on Wednesday to give your input. If you are not available tomorrow, please email me with your thoughts.

The future of Smoke Signals: For the past 18 years, Paul Broden has donated his time as editor of Smoke Signals. In addition to the hours Paul spends editing and formatting articles, he also has the challenging (frustrating?) job of “encouraging” members to write and submit articles. It has always been difficult to gather enough content to fill the newsletter, but during the last several years it seems the number of articles submitted has continued to decline. We currently do not have enough material to fill 12 issues per year. Let’s have a discussion about how best to get timely club news and other ham radio content to the members. Make Smoke Signals quarterly? Use some other medium? Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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