6/23/21 – Net and meetup on Zoom

Net and Zoom meetup every Wednesday.

Fullerton Radio Club will be having our regular 2 meter net Wednesday at 7:30 on the K6QEH repeater (146.970- PL 136.5 Hz) followed by our Zoom meetup at 8. Visitors always welcome!

2 thoughts on “6/23/21 – Net and meetup on Zoom

  1. Hi Otis, thanks for visiting our website. The net and the Zoom meeting are different things. At 7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings, a few of us meet up on the Raytheon Repeater 146.970- MHz PL: 136.5 Hz for a roundtable. At 8 pm, we move to Zoom (in lieu of our pre-pandemic monthly meetings at Chapman Park). If you like, you are welcome to join us on the 2 meter net. I can also email you the Zoom link the day before our meetings. I hope you can join us.

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