1/20/21 – 2 meter net and General Meeting on Zoom

A workshop to increase our proficiency with Zoom.

Fullerton Radio Club will be having our regular net tonight at 7:30 on the K6QEH repeater (146.970- PL 136.5 Hz) followed by our 3rd Wednesday General Meeting at 8 on Zoom.

Program Description

For the past ten months, we have been “meeting” each other every Wednesday by using the Zoom communications platform. I’m not sure if any of us had used Zoom before March. I had never heard of it. While many club members have become proficient at using Zoom to join a meeting and participate in the conversation, several folks have mentioned not being confident in using all of Zoom’s features, such as selecting and using virtual backgrounds, video filters, screen sharing, sharing your phone’s screen (makes a good remote camera), and other features. Let’s make Wednesday’s meeting a workshop of using Zoom.

In preparation for the meeting, I would like to assign you some “homework.”

  1. If you have not had much opportunity to use Zoom’s “screen sharing” feature, come to the meeting with a picture or document to practice sharing already open on your computer’s desktop.
  2. If you have more experience with Zoom, prepare to share a feature you would like to highlight and demonstrate to the group. I hope to learn more about Zoom from those of you who use it frequently.

By the end of our meeting I would hope we will all be comfortable using screen sharing, as it is a feature that really enhances your ability to share and demonstrate things on Zoom.

Best Regards,

Bob Houghton AD6QF

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