12/16 – 2 meter net and FRC Meeting on Zoom

We will have our usual net Wednesday at 7:30 on our regular repeater (146.970- PL 136.5 Hz) followed by a presentation on APRS at 8 on Zoom.

Bob Houghton AD6QF will lead a presentation and discussion on the topic of the Automatic Packet Reporting System, or APRS. Bob will give a brief history of APRS followed by an overview of some of the capabilities of this system. He will highlight some of the radios that have APRS features built-in. He will also demonstrate some websites where APRS stations can be viewed on a map. The presentation will also demonstrate sending and receiving short text messages through digipeaters, both with and without help from the internet. Finally, Bob will be surveying club members for interest in starting an APRS experimentation group with the intention of getting other club members to try out this interesting mode.

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