8/5 – 2 meter net and Zoom meetup

Hi all,

We will have our usual net Wednesday at 7:30 on our regular repeater followed by TAG at 8 on Zoom.

Repeater: K6QEH – 146.970 MHz-  PL 136.5 Hz

All hams welcome. Stop by and say hello.

Followed by an online meetup on Zoom at 8. You can tell us about a project you are working on, chat with the group, or just listen. Same meeting number as usual.



1 thought on “8/5 – 2 meter net and Zoom meetup

  1. In discussions about antennas last night I thought about what was said of antenna type and height above ground. From books on the subject and personal experience a lot depends on physical limitations and what kind communication is desired or acceptable, DX or local short distance rag chew. DX normally requires low angle radiation which usually dictates a half wave length or more above ground for horizontal polarization. Also helps to find a free place away from other objects. So with the limitations I have had to deal with over the years I’ve found inverted Vs and end fed long wires fed with open wire transmission line or remote tuners at the feed point to be the best. So far served me well considering the situation at the home QTH. Just thought I would pass on some personal experience. Really enjoyed the Zoom meetings. Plan to send membership application.

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