June 17 Meeting Program

As we have done for the past few FRC meetings, we will meet online using Zoom. A reminder with the Zoom information and time will be sent by email to our groups.io mailing list.

Our speaker this month will be our club vice-president, Bob Houghton AD6QF. Although thirty years ago, Bob passed the 5 wpm code test to earn his Novice license, he admits that he has never used CW for a QSO. Bob would like to become a proficient CW operator. He has recently joined the Long Island CW Club. The purpose of the club is to help people learn morse code by providing classes and mentoring. Bob will tell a little about the club and reflect on his experience during his first two weeks of membership.

Bob will also discuss some of the new initiatives that ARRL is rolling out in order to encourage new hams to become active members of the amateur radio community as well as trying to give some insight into where younger hams are going to get their information. Hint: For the most part it isn’t traditional clubs…

Club Logo Final

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