June Meeting Speaker – Joe Moell K0OV

Joe Moell K0OV is back again this month, with the second half of his field day extravaganza:

This month’s program is “So You Think You Know Field Day!” by Joe Moell K0OV. It’s your chance to brush up on the FD rules and hear about our plans to have the best Field Day ever at the Izaac Walton Cabin at Hillcrest Park. After attending this meeting, you will be ready to sit down at a FD station and operate or log like a pro. If there’s time, you might see some bloopers from FRC Field Days of the past.


2 thoughts on “June Meeting Speaker – Joe Moell K0OV

  1. Help! Everything is so different now. Me and my high school chum (K6BYN) built everything from scratch. Point to point wiring. No PCBs, or integrated circuits. We knew every component and it’s function. Just before I retired I decided to get back into Ham radio, even bought a Kenwood. Thing is I had, and still have, no idea how to make it work. Seems it needs repeaters or such. Now I have at least a foggy notion about what repeaters do, but that’s it.

    Haven’t found anybody to show me how to operate the thing. Hence the call for “Help”

    My name is John Toner, (KJ6YYE)
    714 292 7987 unless the battery is dead again (or still).

    I live in Fullerton, N/W of Harbor and Bastanchury. Generally available most of the time except Friday evenings and Saturdays till abt 2:30 p.m.

    If you could refer me to somebody who’d show me how to run the little Kenwood, I’d be much obliged.


  2. Hi John. Which Kenwood do you have? If you can come to our next meeting (August 21) I’m sure someone can help you program your radio. A couple of our members have Kenwood the TH-F6.

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