Join us at Antennas in the Park – May 4.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 4.25.31 PMEvery spring, hams in north Orange County organize an outdoor day where they operate radios, find hidden transmitters and eat lots of good food.  The annual “Antennas In The Park” (AITP) event is organized by the Fullerton Radio Club.  This year, AITP will take place at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton on Saturday, May 4.

The AITP foxhunt is in celebration of the twenty-first annual CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend.  All ages are welcome, so bring the family.  AITP transmitter hunts are simple and informal.  They are suitable for beginners, but more advanced hunters can treat them as a “sprint.”  There will be no charge for participation in the hunts, which will begin around 10:30 AM and continue until 2 PM.  Be sure to bring your two-meter handi-talkie and know how to program it to any frequency in the two-meter band.

If you don’t have the antenna/attenuator system for on-foot foxhunting on two meters with your ham radio handi-talkie or scanner, a limited amount of equipment will be available for loan.  Better yet, you can easily make your own during this session.  Beginning at 10 AM, Marvin Johnston KE6HTS will conduct a clinic for building his kits for measuring-tape yagis and for 90 dB offset-type attenuators.  An assembled/tested attenuator in a special housing that goes inside the boom of the yagi is also available.  If you want one or more kits, please register in advance by sending e-mail to, so he will have the kits reserved in your name waiting for you.

It takes about an hour to put the antenna and attenuator kits together with tools and soldering irons that will be provided.  If you’re not an electronic technician, don’t worry because there will be plenty of experts to help you.  Then with your HT and the kitbuilt equipment, you will be all set to hunt.

In addition to the two-meter band, international ARDF championships also include an 80-meter band event.  At least one optional 80m transmitter will be on the air for you to try.

Besides the transmitter hunts, Fullerton Radio Club members are expected to have at least one HF station on the air and to fly some radio-controlled aircraft.  There will be a barbecue at lunchtime with burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks.  A $5 donation per person is requested if you want to take part in the barbecue.  The traditional Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend cake will be served to participants in the transmitter hunts.  A few canopies and tables will be set up, but for eating and sitting around, please bring your own lawn chair.

Hillcrest Park in Fullerton is bounded on the west by Harbor Boulevard, on the north by Brea Boulevard, on the east by Lemon Street and on the south by Valley View Drive.  From the 91 Freeway, take the Harbor Boulevard exit and go north about 1.8 miles to Valley View Drive.

We will gather at the Izaak Walton Cabin in the southwest area of the park.  You can park in the lot north of Valley View, midway between Harbor and Lemon.  Look for the orange and white orienteering flag at the entrance to the parking lot.  Walk north through the playground into the lower picnic area and then west up the hill to the cabin.  You can also drive the one way road through the park and park in the lot north or the cabin or along the road northeast of the cabin.  Talk-in is on K6QEH/R, 146.97(-) PL 136.5.

Joe Moell K0OV – ARRL ARDF Coordinator –

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