Let’s get started…

So what’s the deal here? As a ham for over 30 years and as a high school teacher for much longer than that, I enjoy helping new (or retuning) hams as they find there way into this pretty diverse hobby. There are many different things to explore on your ham radio adventure. I’m not an expert in all things ham related, but I have explored many aspects of this hobby and learned some lessons along the way. (Some of them the hard way).

There have been many books, articles, and YouTube videos made on the subject of amateur radio, so I won’t try to duplicate everything that is out there. (As if that was even possible!) What I will try to do, is think of questions I have been asked and observations I have made about potential obstacles I have seen for newly licensed hams.

I’d like to hear directly from anyone who reads this page. Send me a question. Point out something that you find unclear. The information on these pages will get better with your help.