3/2/22 – Zoom meeting at 8 pm. No net tonight.

Greetings FRC members and friends,

Our next Fullerton Radio Club Zoom meeting will be held tonight, Wednesday 3/2 at 8 pm.

The turnout for the net last week was only myself and one other operator, so I think we will give the net a rest for a while.

To provide a little focus for tonight’s discussion, I would ask that we discuss the following topics:

• Please tell us one topic that you would be interested in exploring / learning more about.

• The last time that you were “on the air,” what band and mode were you using?

• What suggestions do you have for making our Zoom meetings more enjoyable for you?

• What periodic club-sponsored “on the air” activity might interest you?

As always, please bring something you would like to share.

Zoom link is the same as usual —> Check your email of contact AD6QF by email if you would like to join us.

I look forward to seeing you.


Bob – AD6QF

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